` The Tur artist, a magician of the totem sculpture
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Artiste Tur
Œuvre d'art "Grøn”

“Grøn Stribe”

Contemporary artist
inspired by human beings

I was born in 1969 in Copenhaguen, Denmark. I studied art, stylization and graphics. After several years spent creating for parisian theatres, I felt the need to express myself otherwise. The wish to create totems came to me after a trip to Africa and Middle-East.

The differences and similarities in mankind are my main source of inspiration. The connection between peoples became my expression.

An artwork is a unique experience which gives me full happiness when I create each part of it.

Creation and sculpture provide my daily serenity. The totems have been the revelation of the artist living in me since several years.

Sculptor, totem designer

I weave textile strips I put together on panels measuring up to 2 m 40 high. Then I create ceramic art pieces to which I add natural and recycled materials following my inspiration (bamboo, sand, stone, clay, bark, feathers, etc.). The superpositioning of different layers of colours, give the final touch to the totem.

One single art work can be made out of several totems, (one-sided, two-sided and hung, double or triple art works …).

Œuvre d'art "Brise"


Œuvre d'art "Bølge"


Œuvre d'art "Carneval"


Œuvre d'art "Blad"


Œuvre d'art "Ciel terre"

“Ciel terre”

Œuvre d’art "Grøn Stribe"

“Grøn Stribe”

Jewelry artist

Œuvre d'art "Roux"


Œuvre d'art "Escargot"


Œuvre d'art "L'aube"


Jewelry artist

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